The A.B.E-Book Versioning System (Info)

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The A.B.E-Book Versioning System (Info)

Postby KatyByTheSea » Mon Oct 31, 2005 5:06 am


Here's some info on the version numbers u might see on ebooks.


A.B.E-Book Versioning System

The alt.binaries.e-book versioning system is an attempt to bring some order to the version numbers used for e-books. Essentially the number will indicate the quality and completeness of an e-book posted, not merely how many times it's been versioned. It is a shorthand method scanners and proofers can use to indicate the care that went into their posts.
The A.B.E-Book Version Numbers

(UC) or (v0.0)
Un-Corrected original scan
Efforts made to clean up scanning and format errors, but not proofread
Proofread to ensure all the book-author's meaning is intact
Everything essential to the e-book included, perfectly formatted
A second party reviewed v3, two parties agree on its perfect state

Specific Requirements

(v0.0) A.B.E-Book UC or Version 0.0:
Un-Corrected. The book is in its original scanned condition.
When corrections are made, but not all the requirements of v1.0 are met, posts should be labeled v0.1, v0.2 etc.
Most users prefer posts in v1.0 or better, but many would be grateful for a UC post of any book that isn't otherwise available.

(v1.0) A.B.E-Book Version 1.0 to include:

1. Eliminate (or hide) page numbers and headers – joining words, sentences, and/or paragraphs broken between the original pages.
2. Indicate named chapters, in a consistent and easy to identify manner.
3. Include all unnamed mid-chapter section breaks.
4. Include title, author, original copyright/publishing date, and ISBN of the DT edition used.
5. Include all footnotes, relocating them appropriately for the file format.

v1.0 does not require proofreading the entire work, but should not include gross OCR errors, and should be decently formatted.

(v2.0) A.B.E-Book Version 2.0 to include the above plus:

1. Do a spell check.
2. Indicate italics and/or emphasis, remove italics due to scanning errors.
3. Correct scan errors that produced incorrect but real words and garbage character strings the spell check missed.
4. Fix any paragraphing errors. Dialog is the easiest place to notice such errors.
5. Fix the spacing of sentences, punctuation, and quotation marks.
6. Include all special characters, carefully check all non-English and made-up words.
7. Fully proofread the text for all of the above errors.

v2.0 concentrates on ensuring the main text is correct and in the manner that the author intended. Not the last word in fancy formatting, a v2.0 e-book should be enjoyable to read and consistently laid out.

(v3.0) A.B.E-Book Version 3.0 to include the above plus:

1. Include jacket liner notes, information about the author, etc.
2. Include pictures, maps, and diagrams considered essential to the story.
3. Include a table of contents, link chapters when format allows.

v3.0 is considered perfect by the individual proofer and includes all materials relevant to the work. Formatting that exactly mirrors the DT is not required. All materials directly relevant to the story that are present in the published work must be included.

(v4.0) A.B.E-Book Version 4.0:
A v4.0 is a v3.0 reviewed by a second party determined to find every flaw and produce a perfect work.
To meet v4.0 an initial party must state that the e-book meets all the above conditions and is essentially perfect. THEN a second party meets the same conditions and declares it perfect a second time.
Versions UC through v2.0 are not eligible for upgrade to v4.0 by a single party. It must first be posted as v3.0 before being eligible.

General Notes

• Versioning system is for newly posted books on alt.binaries.e-book and sister groups. Previously posted files, and files from other sources, are to be posted and/or re-versioned using whatever system they were started with.

• Please indicate within the file, and the 0/x post, that it complies with this system and provide a link to the relevant FAQ page. If desired, you may state in detail which of the above elements your version has met.

• A DT copy, or the original scanned .tifs, should be consulted before correcting errors that are questionable at any stage.

• Interim versions – v2.1, v2.2, etc – are used when errors are found, but not enough work is done to warrant a full version change. Say, a v2.0 is found to have a few spelling errors. Please preserve the point version when doing a major upgrade, v2.2 will become v3.2, not v3.0. When vX.9 is reached go to vX.10.

• When a different DT to the one scanned is used please update the ISBN to the one you are using. However please retain the oldest original copyright date, usually listed as the author's copyright.

• Versions cannot be skipped unless all of the previous version's conditions are met. If you add an author bio to a v1.0 but don't proofread the entire book it cannot be called v2.0. You may add an aspect of any version whenever you wish.

• Versions can be skipped if the entire previous version's conditions are met, say correcting a UC and posting it as v2 when it also includes all the elements of a v1.0.

• The e-book creator can use his or her judgment to determine which extra materials – liner notes, illustrations, etc. – are relevant to the particular work.

• Special characters (the ones not on your keyboard) should follow the ISO Latin-8859-1 code page. For convenience you may cut 'n paste from the list below. Characters other than these (ie "smart quotes") may not display correctly on non-Windows systems.

¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ­ ® ¯
° ± ² ³ ´ µ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ¿
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Postby aihe » Mon Oct 31, 2005 10:15 pm

Thanks for this info Katy - as an independant I always wondered what the guidelines were for assigning version numbers. :)
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Postby ssilg » Tue Nov 01, 2005 12:57 am


Thanks here too.

I know I have gotten books from forums and they are just formatted very badly.

Then they are like v1 or v1.5 and they should just be labeled uc as they are very rough.

Again, thanks for the info.

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